Babes, Women’s Riding Club Barrie Ontario Canada

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to create a women’s riding group where bonds are built and friendships are as long as the roads we travel. Where riding safety is, mandatory and supporting our sisterhood and our community is paramount.

Article I. Name

The name of the women’s riding club (“Club”) shall be Babes, Women’s Riding Club, hereinafter referred to as (“Babes”).

Article II. Purpose

We are a group of women who have been brought together because of our love of riding. It is our goal to provide a fun filled environment where safety is our priority. We wish to encourage and empower women to pursue motorcycle group riding. Our Club is dedicated to supporting each other and our community.

Article III. Not for Profit

The Club shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profits or remainder or residue from dues or donations to the Club shall incur to the benefit of any individual.

Article IV. By-Laws

The Club may from time to time, revise such By-Laws as may be required to carry out these objectives.


Article V. Classes of Membership
The Club shall have three classes of membership:

 Full Patch Member (“Member”);
 Striker; and
 Little Bit (“Lil’ Bit”).

Article VI. Eligibility for Membership

(a) Member: Any woman is eligible to become a Member of the Club if she:

(i) Is at least 19 years of age;
(ii) Legally owns and operates her own motorcycle;
(iii) Is an active motorcyclist with a current valid motorcycle license and insurance;
(iv) Has completed at least one year as a Striker;
(v) Abides by all the Babes By-Laws;
(vi) Supports her sisterhood and her community;
(vii) Pays yearly dues; and
(viii) Has completed the yearly Babes Road Safety Course, see Article XVI.

(b) Striker: Any woman is eligible to be a Striker of the Club if she:

(i) Is at least 18 years of age;
(ii) Has a valid M or M2 license and valid insurance with strong group riding skills;
(iii) Pays a one-time membership fee of $80.00 (non-refundable) and yearly dues of $75.00;
(iv) Is sponsored by an Executive (see below);
(v) Must show initiative and be an active participant in the Club by attending a minimum of two meetings per month (special circumstances for attendance will always be considered); and
(vi) Must declare intent of becoming a Member.

(c) Lil’ Bit: Any woman is eligible to be a Lil’ Bit if she:

(i) Is under the age of 18; and
(ii) Is interested in motorcycles as a passenger or enthusiast.

Article VII. The Founders
The Founders (“Founders”) of the Club are:

 Lana Heyd
 Lynn Bacher-Kirley
 Christine Wheeler

The Founders are responsible for the Club’s finances, the Club’s swag and will provide guidance and direction for the Club.

Article VIII. The Executives

The Executive team (” Executives”) shall consist of the following positions:

 President
 Vice President
 Secretary

The Executives are responsible for the organization of the Club’s family and charity events. The Executives are required to attend monthly meetings as required and to meet with the Founders on a quarterly basis.

(a) President:
(i) shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board, and shall have the duties and powers normally associated with the office of the President in addition to those particularly specified in these By-Laws;
(ii) will act as a liaison between the Executives and the Founders;
(iii) will mentor Strikers;
(iv) will ensure By-Laws and standing rules of the Club are not violated;
(v) shall deal with Member conflicts;
(vi) look after social media pages (Facebook);
(vii) relations between Club and outside persons or organizations;
(viii) oversee the Club by policing and keeping order; and
(ix) issue and return of Club patches.

(b) Vice President:
(i) shall have the duties and exercise the powers of the President in case of the President’s absence, death or incapacity;
(ii) the Vice President shall work closely with and assist the President with her duties;
(iii) will mentor Strikers;
(iv) will handle all new Member forms and safety waivers;
(v) look after social media pages (Facebook);
(vi) keep track of the Club patches; and
(vii) will look after swag orders.

(c) Secretary:
(i) shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Club and of the Board and of all matters for which the Board shall order a written record.
(ii) shall have charge of all correspondence and notify Members of meetings. This includes taking attendance, Member list and emergency list;
(iii) organize safety training and weekly rides (anyone can plan a ride/route, but must be organized with the Road Captain); and
(iv) explain hand signals and Club riding rules to the participants prior to each ride.

Article IX. The Board
The Board shall be comprised of the Executives (the “Board”). Jointly they will work together to further and better the Club.

Article X. Club General and Annual Meetings

Any General meetings of the Club shall be held at such hour and place as may be designated by the President or the Board.
The Annual Spring Members’ meeting (“Annual Spring Meeting”) shall be held on the first Thursday in April at which time the newly appointed Executive team will take office. The Annual Fall Member’s meeting shall be on the first Thursday in October (“Annual Fall Meeting”).

Article XI. Dues
An annual Club membership fee (“dues”) for the Members and Strikers shall be due and payable at the Annual Spring Meeting. Dues for new Members who join after the April meeting shall be pro-rated for the remaining months of the year. The amount charged as dues can be changed from time to time by a majority vote of the Members. Any Member whose dues are more than one (1) year in arrears shall be automatically dropped at the April Executive Board meeting. Thereafter, the Member is recognized as a past Member and must reapply.

Article XII. Colours
The colours of the Club are a patch consisting of Teal, Club shaped, Black and Silver with a Babe on a bike. The patch must be attached on the centre back of the vest (“Cut”). At no time, should anyone else but a Member where these colours. At no time, should the Cut be shown to support any other club patches. The Cut should also be void of any profanity that is deemed offensive.

The Cut can and should be worn:

(a) By Members in good standing as described in Article XIII;
(b) At all Club meetings, rides, activities or events; and
(c) When participating on behalf of the Club at a designated event.

Club T-shirts, sweatshirts and any other article of clothing bearing a copy of the Club colours are to be worn only by Members in good standing (“swag”). At no time, shall these articles of clothing be worn for any ride, activity or event detrimental to the reputation of the Club and/or which is contrary to the Constitution or By-Laws of the Club, such as but not limited to the following:

(d) Political events;
(e) Events associated with a Club or group that degrades or dishonours the Club’s reputation; and
(f) Any illegal or criminal activity.

Article XIII. Good Standing

A Member is considered in good standing if such Member:
(a) Abides by the Constitution and these By-Laws;
(b) Pays annual dues to the Club;
(c) Abstains from using illegal drugs and alcohol while participating in any Club activities and/or while wearing Club colours;
(d) Maintains a respectful attitude towards all Members, Strikers and guests during Club meetings and while participating in any Club activities and/or while wearing Club colours;
(e) Wears Club colours only in accordance with Article XII.

Article XIV. Transfer of Membership

Neither the membership in the Club nor any rights in the membership may be transferred, for value or otherwise.

Article XV. Termination of Membership

The membership and all rights of membership shall automatically terminate on the occurrence of any of the following events:

(a) Causes of Termination:

(i) voluntary resignation of a Member;
(ii) the death of a Member;
(iii) non-payment of dues as per Article XI;
(iv) violates any provision of these By-Laws;
(v) is not a Member in good standing as defined in Article XIII;
(vi) acts in a manner harmful to the welfare, safety, and/or reputation of the Club.

(b) Resignation:

(i) the Membership of any Member shall automatically terminate on such Member’s written request for termination which said request shall be delivered to the President or Secretary of the Club.

(c) Non-payment of Dues:

(i) the membership of any Member who fails to pay their dues by the Club Members meeting in April shall have voting privileges suspended;
(ii) the Membership shall be reinstated upon payment in full of the annual dues by June 30 of that year, barring exceptional circumstances as determined by the Board;
(iii) dues paid after June 30 will include a penalty equal to twenty percent of the Annual Club Membership dues; and
(iv) of dues are not paid within one (1) year of date due, membership will be terminated and the Member must reapply for membership.
Any person whose membership is terminated for non-payment of dues in accordance with paragraph (a)(iii) may be reinstated subject to the conditions set forth in paragraph (c).

Article XVI. Rider Safety Course Requirement

All Club Members and Strikers must attend the Babes Road Safety Course at least once a year. The Road Captain shall be responsible for keeping track of attendance and report to the Board.

Article XVII. Special Club Meetings

Special Club meetings may be called by the President, Board or by a majority vote of the Executives who are present and voting at any regular meeting; or shall be called by the Secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by five Members of the Club who are in good standing. Such meetings shall be at such place, date and hour as may be designated by persons authorized herein to call such meetings. Written notice of such a meeting shall be e-mailed, texted or messaged by the Secretary at least 5 days and not more than 15 days prior to the date of the meeting, and said notice shall state the purpose of the meeting, and no other Club business may be transacted thereat. The President, or in her absence, the Vice President, shall preside over the meetings.

Article XVIII. Special Board Meetings

Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President, Secretary or Founder upon receipt of a written request signed by at least three Members of the Board. Such special meetings shall be at such a place, date and hour as may be designated by the person authorized herein to call such a meeting. Written notice of such a meeting shall be e-mailed, texted or messaged by the Secretary at least 5 and not more than 10 days prior to the date of the meeting. Any such notice shall state the purpose of the meeting and no other business shall be transacted thereat. The quorum for such a meeting shall be majority of the Board. The President, or in her absence, the Vice President, shall preside over these meetings.

Article XIX. Voting

Each Member shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting of the Club. The Member must be present at the meeting to cast their vote and must also be in good standing.
Absentee voting will be permitted for election of Executives only. An absentee ballot must be submitted to a Founder before the March 1st deadline.

Article XX. Membership Contact List

The membership contact list shall be maintained and provided by the Secretary and shall be available to Members only.

Article XXI. Club Year

The Club’s fiscal year shall begin on April 1st and end March 31st of each calendar year.

The Club’s official year shall begin immediately after the election at the Spring Meeting and shall continue through the election at the next Spring Meeting.

Article XXII. Club Contact List and E-mails

The membership contact list shall be maintained and distributed by the Secretary and shall be available to Members only.
All Members’ e-mail addresses are on the Club e-mail distribution list. The Club’s e-mail list shall be used to send Club information, such as minutes of the Club meetings, notices of meetings, rides and messages concerning motorcycling. The e-mail list shall not be used to send jokes, chain letters, and political or religious messages to Club Members.

Article XXIII. Club Website

The website shall be maintained by the Founders.

Article XIV. Amendments

(a) Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws may be proposed by the Board or by written petition addressed to the Secretary, signed by a voting quorum;
(b) Amendments proposed by such petition shall be promptly considered by the Board and must be submitted to the Membership with recommendations of the Board for a vote within two months of the date when the Secretary received the petition; and
(c) The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a voting quorum at any regular or special meeting called for the purpose, provided the proposed amendments have been pre-approved by the Board, included in the notice of the meeting, and mailed or e-mailed to each Member at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Article XXVI. Order of Business – Club meetings

(a) At meetings of the Club, the order of business, so far as the character and nature of the meeting may permit, shall be as follows:

 Call to Order
 Roll Call
 Report of the President
 Report of the Vice President
 Report of the Secretary Unfinished Business
 New Business
 Adjournment

(b) New business items shall be presented to an Executive no later than one week in advance of the meeting for inclusion in the agenda.

(c) The minutes of the last meeting shall be e-mailed within two weeks after a meeting to the Members in lieu of being read at the meeting.

Article XXVII. Order of Business – Board meetings

At the meetings of the Board, the order of business, unless otherwise directed by a majority vote of those present, shall be as follows:

 Reports of the Founders
 Reports of the Executives
 Unfinished Business
 New Business
 Adjournment

Article XXVIII. Non-liability of Members

A Member of the Club shall not, solely because of such membership, be personally liable for debts, obligations or liabilities of the Club.