Babes was established in August of 2016. We are a diverse group of women that enjoy riding and having fun. We accept all types of motorcycles. Our main concern is sisterhood, safety and helping out our community.
A bond between two or more ladies, not always related by blood. They always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other like sisters.
We are located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
We meet every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm at Tim Horton's in Thornton at 4191 Innisfil Beach Road  for a ride during the riding season and for coffee and laughs during the off season. Come ride with us.
  • The ride is the objective, not the destination.
  • Keep the rubber side down.
  • Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.


LANA  (Mugsy)
​President and Founder

LYNN (Roxx)

CHRISTINE (Little Bird)

HAZEL (Hurricane)

LEANNE (Leebaby)​​

​MARIANNE (Smuckers)​​

​HYLA (Gunner)

SHELLY (Skully)​​

​DONNA (Sugar)​​​​